Wanderlust: Hunger

It hits hard sometimes, driving to work in the morning or putting together another far away itinerary during work hours. It is almost a hunger at this point. It makes me yearn, makes me feel hollow, makes me feel unfulfilled. My stomach growls with anticipation that my brain confuses with actual physical hunger, but I swear I’m full. I crave nomadic discoveries, wandering feet, moving dreams. I crave them so much, that at this point, I’m starving.

It has to do with mobility in general, the ability to keep driving past the missable turn into work, past the city limits, past the state limits. It’s always a possibility, nothing is truly tethering you down to your spot.

It also has to do with curiosity in general, the notion of seeing for oneself the images in the photographs I download daily. Because what is reading about Coney Island without seeing it? Even further, without smelling it, without tasting it?

Here are a few unedited photos I found from my various travels this year that make me especially antsy. Itching to edit after work today! Happy Lunch Break!!



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