Tuesday Tidbit: Irresistibly Faded

Irresistibly Faded

D.R Breshears

He smelled like he always did.

Irresistible cologne covering weed smoke and temptation. 

Have you ever smelled those things mingled together in a room, forcing out all normal air and replacing it with regret-tinged droplets of excitement? Regret does have a tinge, and if you’ve seen it for yourself then it will stick in your mind for some time. 

Just thinking about that smell makes me shiver with thrill.

He was quiet and handsome. Don’t misread that as quite handsome, because he was more than anything, quiet and handsome.

When you think back to certain important memories in your life you remember sensory happenings more so than others.

I remember how it smelled outside when I shut my car door after reading an important message from him. It smelled like gasoline from the pump I had gotten on my shoes and blooming dogwood.

I remember how his fingers felt, surprisingly soft, softer than mine when he slid his hand down the front of my jeans

Mostly, I remember the taste of his lips one night on a couch that wasn’t mine. Salty. Sad. Not perfectly matched with mine, even then. 

Hector never would have liked him. He was…smoothly unstable. The type of unstable that moms loved to fix and that sons hated to live with.

This is not associated with the work above but I will literally hunt you down and give you a hug or a high five or a five dollar bill if you can name the song I rewrote to get some creative juices flowing today.

My shallow side, a female’s guide
Keeps hitting me so young bright eyed
Call the gentry, son, for my soul
My love affair, with being fair
Was imminent, can you compare?
Let’s go to that bar
Time to go
Let your best side show.

A funny bride has up and lied
He betted that when she arrived
The universe could shift and then be slow
With ravishings fit for a queen
I treated her just like that scene
She took it to the pastor and said no.


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