Tuesday Tidbit: Love, Loss, and Other Little Lines


It completely slipped my mind that as a junior in college (I just did the math and I CANNOT believe this was 5 years ago) I was falling in love with my fiance at the same time I was taking an advanced poetry course. You do the math on all the gold I wrote and didn’t publish that year.

We had a final project of 10-15 poems under a specific theme, and as you can guess, my theme was ‘Love, Loss, and Other Little Lines’.

I am going to publish the first half today, the next half next Tuesday! I do believe the first half are more loving than the last, so it’s perfect for ValentinesDay/TacoTuesday/SinglesAwarenessDay/IhopemyfiancebuysmeflowersDay.

PS, Does a favorite stand out to you amongst these?

Love, Loss, and Other Little Lines

Danielle Breshears

Fear and Loathing

I never made it to Vegas
but the trip was still massive.

Johnny Depp couldn’t save me
from the thoughts swirling

tornadoes unstoppable
when she glanced at you.

11:55 in the Garden

love that we found,
in the garden of life’s lust

twisting the serpent’s apple
from Eve’s hand through time.

would spit us back to land
if she knew our names.

Like Johnny and June

When we first met
I was running from something,
and chasing after something else.

At first I thought if we were to touch,
like buried tectonic plates
one would have sunk the other.

Whiskey did the same to me,
made me wince with its strength
and buzz with its taste.

Our time together too quickly
became the Myth of Sisyphus
– suicide.

I felt the same way about sex
as I did our relationship – you always
pulled out too quickly, left me too soon.

If love is this permanent lonely
I never want to be fulfilled.
Did June feel the same about Johnny?

The L Word

I thought about cutting open
your bicep yesterday
just to see what strong was like
from the inside

Because the thought of not
feeling your deep breaths
wake me up in the morning
makes me unsettlingly weak

Sometimes when your hand
leaves mine I feel like
the world is ending.

Because I know if your skin doesn’t
touch mine again soon
war will break loose
and my soul will rebel

Does it tire you ridiculously
to walk around in my mind
every second we’re apart?
I bet your feet hurt.

I thought about sneaking into
your dreams the other day
just to see the thoughts you’re
mind keeps secret.

Because the idea of not
knowing your sleeping desires
with my heart beating so close
makes me unsettlingly lonely

Sometimes when you kiss
me goodbye I feel like
the apocalypse is real.

Because I know if your mouth isn’t
magnetized to mine within seconds
the world will surely grow still


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