Photo Friday: Farm Life

I am in an absolute tizzy of photo opportunity here lately, with spring suddenly arriving on the farm in the form of tree buds and flower blooms growing overnight. Plus more discovery has been made in the barns, the nearby animals, and the endless architectural wonders from a time long ago. (Not dinosaur long ago, but 150 years long ago).

Here are a few more farm life shots for your Photo Friday!

Any strong favorites?



Wanderlust: Choices

Short and sweet this Wanderlust Wednesday: Which is your ideal vacation scene? I’m partial to them all, but if I had to choose it would be A (C being a close second). (B being a close third). (D being a very close fourth).

Enjoy your day, travel junkies!


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Tuesday Tidbit

It’s time for another Tuesday Tidbit!

Just a reminder for those of you who are just dropping by, Tuesdays are dedicated to Flash Fiction Tidbits and bits of stories and book ideas I am working on.

Today’s Tidbit Topic: Society and Women (excerpt from Wanting Every Guy, Getting Every Guy, and Not Needing Either: A Lady’s Guide to Not Giving a Shit). All Rights Reserved 

Thanks for reading! – D.R Breshears
All Rights Reserved

Phase 1: Wanting

Let me begin by saying I write exactly how I speak: too much, too quick, and too spontaneous.

This book will show you this all too well.

Let me also begin by saying I am not happy with what society has made women feel like today. Not what it has done to us, because quite frankly separating man and woman as far as existence just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, and quite frankly we have been put on a pedestal and treated very well (here lately).

I’m especially not happy the accessibility of porn.

Woah, that’s a big jump from women in society to porn, isn’t it? No, not at all. Let me tell you why.

It’s Tuesday, my ride to work was pleasantly dreary, my coffee is pleasantly warm, and I’m pleasantly on my way to having a productive day. I type in the too long, when-else-would-I-ever-remember-this password and expect to see my SEO analytics for the day, but no, of course,  I log into a blonde doing a full split on a, well, you know what claiming we should be friends and ‘explore our future’.

I mean come on, what if I was a 12-year-old logging on to my Twitter?

The pure ease of being able to see not only porn but raunchy nothing’s off-limits porn is a scary sign of things to come for future generations of both men and women. It is especially a sign of a type of society we are creating for women to come, and I’m not enjoying the outlook. 


Mental Health Monday

Today is bittersweet for me, as are Mondays in general for most people, but t17201099_10155151036164066_291323847859100517_noday, in particular, is both the day I planned to tally up my Thankful Thoughts of the Day (I’ll explain in a moment) from the past 1/2 year, as well as the anniversary of my completely amazing and inspirational great grandmothers death.

The link below describes my grandmother perfectly, so that’s all I will say on that note.

On the more positive side, (Mental Health Monday Tip: always follow a negative with a positive) today I finished a notebook I’ve been working on for about a half a year now, the nerd in me always prideful of a full, overflowing, word-filled notebook. Since I began having a few depressing, reoccurring negative thoughts recently I decided to start a daily tradition of Thankful Thought of the Day or TTOTD. I write these at the top of each sheet of paper in my notebook, and today I’m tallying them all up and sharing the thoughts with you all.

Here goes!

  • None 20
  • Life 12
  • Family 10
  • Brent 9
  • Friends 6
  • Positivity 6
  • Food 6
  • Work 6
  • Coffee 5
  • Productivity 5
  • Love 5
  • Goals 4
  • Drive + Will 4
  • Plans 3
  • Travel 3
  • Fiance 3
  • Stormy Weather 3
  • Pills 3
  • Sleep 2
  • Drugs 2
  • Organization 2
  • Possibility 2
  • Success 2
  • Support 2

Only 1 =

  • Immune System
  • The Sunshine (today I am a photosynthesizing plant)
  • Sweaters
  • New House
  • Self Confidence
  • Opportunity
  • Warmth
  • Lust
  • Fridays
  • Fall
  • Loyalty
  • Money
  • Energy
  • Fitness

Note that many are very contradictory and most definitely went with up and down phases all year long. Also note that many days I simply forgot or used multiple pages, so the math may not quite add up numbers wise for the time span.


Broadway, Band, and the Importance of Music

A near and dear to me Throwback post for all you music lovers out there.


Last night I stood outside a middle school gym and listened to the nostalgic sounds of excited snare drums and nervous woodwinds, my boyfriend and I supporting friend’s of ours’ child that was in the band.

As I watched the small-town band kick the hell out of a nice Proud Mary rendition I was flooded with my own band memories, too often forgetting the 8 years of my own life spent in marching, concert, and pep band. Hell, I even did winter flag twirling one year. Yeah, I was into it all, and yeah, I can still tell you horrible ‘This one time at band camp’ stories.

I could hear the lone clarinet belting out her notes and could feel my fingers moving in tune with her pitches…my body physically missed playing an instrument.

Thinking about this today reminded me of my last conference in Orlando (SYTA, Student Youth Travel…

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Tuesday Tidbit: World Poetry Day

I know I recently shared this in a large compilation of poems, but it’s too perfect for World Poetry Day and I’m feeling so…in love today I want to find all my love poems.

I also know that I already posted today, but digging up old poetry has been surprisingly fun. Plus I’m a blog whore so it’s expected that I post again on Tuesday Tidbit day.

Enjoy! – D.R Breshears (soon to be Bopp <3)

The L Word

I thought about cutting open
your bicep yesterday
just to see what strong was like
from the inside

Because the thought of not
feeling your deep breaths
wake me up in the morning
makes me unsettlingly weak

Sometimes when your hand
leaves mine I feel like
the world is ending.

Because I know if your skin doesn’t
touch mine again soon
war will break loose
and my soul will rebel

Does it tire you ridiculously
to walk around in my mind
every second we’re apart?
I bet your feet hurt.

I thought about sneaking into
your dreams the other day
just to see the thoughts you’re
mind keeps secret.

Because the idea of not
knowing your sleeping desires
with my heart beating so close
makes me unsettlingly lonely

Sometimes when you kiss
me goodbye I feel like
the apocalypse is real.

Because I know if your mouth isn’t
magnetized to mine within seconds
the world will surely grow still