Photo Friday

I am in love with the simplicity of the old country road my company happens to sit on, our building a well-known yet almost abandon in distance spot in our community. Most of my photos do come from this 1 mile stretch of forgotten road, using my lunch break each day to take a break from the screens and social media and internet frenzy.

Simple things, like the breeze swimming through the fields of tall grasses, wildflowers popping up in the wildest places in the spring, and the feeling you get taking in a deep breath after a morning rain…it all makes it worthwhile!

Here’s my shot(s) from yesterday: Lines on Salem Trail. 

Oh, P.S, I’m going through a weird transitional phase with my watermarks, I wanted to switch my brand name to D.R Breshears like my writing is but seeing as I will be changing my last name next year, I’m considering switching back to the good ole’ Profreshionally Simple mark. Thoughts?



8 thoughts on “Photo Friday

  1. I love simply images like that, I used to do many of the same shots when I was out at the farm. There is something wonderful about having nothing in an image 🙂

    Copyright names to me should be memorable above all else, both of yours could be memorable for different reasons which is good. I presume the name change would be for marriage but you also don’t have to change you copyright name when that happens. If you’ve built up a following and a name keep the name on the copyright going.

    I’m not sure how copyrights in other countries work but in Australia copyright is a given on anything created, the c symbol is pointless and only there to scare honest people away from stealing it, dishonest people will take it and remove the c symbol if they want it. For that reason copyrights to me are more about advertising and getting the name visible so I’d make the copyright as punchy as possible, make it memorable so that people eventually associate the word with your craft, and make it simple. Be it a real name or a made up name stick with it on everything you do because brand recognition is important and changing a name often leads to people forgetting that brand.

    1. Thank you so much for your expansive copyright knowledge, this really helps!! I honestly didn’t even consider keeping my Breshears mark after getting married, but why not! Brand recognition is my goal!

      1. Welcome 🙂

        I agree. I don’t use my own name on any of my copyrights, (but that was deliberate) but I wouldn’t change them now because some of them have been around 20+ years. Over the years as things have changed I’ve added copyrights rather than change them.

        Trademarks are different they cost money and are registered to a name but since copyrights don’t have to be registered make them suit the purpose, especially if that purpose is either established or beginning to become established.

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