Friday Photos

Recently my fiance and I moved into a new home about 15 minutes out of the way of our already small town. Our new home is a rental, but it has so much history and character we couldn’t pass it up.

The house itself is 102 years old, 8the family it belonged to originally having most family members born here. Not only that, but this house was built on top of a foundation of a burnt down home, owned by the same family. So you can imagine how far the line of generations went back. We have searched the home and found priceless relics such as dictionaries and textbooks from 1878.

The foundation is unsettling, literally, but then you go outside and it is all worth it. Two barns, two grain bins, and wide open Missouri fields.

I found my heaven.

Here are a few experimental shots before I find my footing out here, photography wise. I am still undecided about which logo/watermark looks best (pending the copyright symbol) so any feedback is welcome. These are my original, older logos I’m looking at again.

Also if anyone knows how to do focal black and white better than I can advice is also welcome.  That one isn’t professional as I am presenting it at all, I just wanted the idea out there. Enjoy! – D.R Breshears



2 thoughts on “Friday Photos

  1. Beautiful pictures, I grew up in a small MO town! I think the D.R Breshears signage is nice, I like the Profreshionally Simple also. It seems the Profreshionally Simple would stand out more if the words were stacked and in a classic but whimsy script like “handwriting” or another that’s loosely based on calligraphy. Good luck with your ventures. Once again the photography looks good!

    1. Thank you for your input and kind words! I have a handwritten Profresh logo so I will probably end up using that one, these are so dated but I wanted to see how my originals looked. 🙂

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