Broadway, Band, and the Importance of Music

A near and dear to me Throwback post for all you music lovers out there.


Last night I stood outside a middle school gym and listened to the nostalgic sounds of excited snare drums and nervous woodwinds, my boyfriend and I supporting friend’s of ours’ child that was in the band.

As I watched the small-town band kick the hell out of a nice Proud Mary rendition I was flooded with my own band memories, too often forgetting the 8 years of my own life spent in marching, concert, and pep band. Hell, I even did winter flag twirling one year. Yeah, I was into it all, and yeah, I can still tell you horrible ‘This one time at band camp’ stories.

I could hear the lone clarinet belting out her notes and could feel my fingers moving in tune with her pitches…my body physically missed playing an instrument.

Thinking about this today reminded me of my last conference in Orlando (SYTA, Student Youth Travel…

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