Progress or Magic

Something additional for your Friday Photo Fix from a couple years back, progress has only intensified since then.


Progress or Magic

The past 6 months have really brought out the inner photographer in me, and the journey of growth overall has been a really rewarding and exciting one. Every observer keeps telling me I have “an eye” for it and am a natural behind the lens. What I want to know, however, is how much of photography is actual natural talent for a shot, or just basic knowledge of an editing program.
I took a shot at the lake a few weeks ago and then messed with it for an hour on my editing program, adding more life and vibrant colors.
So the question is, is the transformation in photos a testament to my progress in photography skills, or just editing magic?

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Friday Photos

It’s a rainy, sleepy day in Northern Missouri, so grab a cup of coffee or cocoa, warm up, and enjoy the view from my windshield.

Another possible life memoir title was thought of while taking these photos as well: Cigarette Breaks and Editing Mistakes. (My life).


Wanderlust Everyday: Part 4

For Part 4 of my Wanderlust Everyday 2017 series, I’d like to share an older post that is particularly true to me today, only with different photos! Enjoy!


noun wan·der·lust \ˈwän-dər-ˌləst\
  1. :  strong longing for or impulse toward wandering

Too often I forget how absolutely stunning the place I live is, from backyard sunsets bursting in my community to the state park lakeside views that make you forget about the ocean altogether; rural Missouri is beautiful.

The seasons here are wildly unpredictable and sometimes you will see all four jammed into one week, but the rolling hills of northern Missouri in any season set against the backdrop of corn and wheat fields will really make you feel like you’re at home, even if you’re not from here. Snow, sleet, rain, hail, anything looks good blanketing these fields. This place is a farm town paradise, and sometimes I forget that this is what wanderlust is all about: wandering.

So wander around my backyard with me for a few seconds, then let’s go wander around yours!

Forest Lake, Thousand Hills State Park – Danielle Breshears
Forest Lake, Thousand Hills State Park -Danielle Breshears


Behind my office on Salem Trail – Danielle Breshears
My own backyard, literally. – Greentop Danielle Breshears
First published photo, Kirksville forgotten road Danielle Breshears
My side/backyard – Danielle Breshears


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Tuesday Tidbit: Bullshit

Time for another Tuesday Tidbit!

This week: Bullshit

I am working with smaller flash fiction pieces, some would say the flashiest flash fiction.  Today’s word count? 100 words.

Do you have a perfectly on point 100-word flash fiction piece? Comment with yours!


The bullshit was spreading faster than the heavy lines of rain rushing down their windshield, the wipers not catching the stream before it was gone, her ears not catching the lies before they were gone.

If he was going to do this again the least he could do was slow down, let her enjoy the ride.

He’s done this before, though last time the bullshit was worse, there were no distractions to cover up the smell.  

Today it smells fine. It smells like petrichor. Her heart smelled like petrichor.

She decided to walk, to get out and enjoy the rain.

Just Because

Because every now and then you need to see the face behind the posts!

This is the barn I want to get married by, and this is the happy face I will have when it happens!

Have a great Monday night! – D.R Breshears

Mental Health Mondays: FOMO

I couldn’t be more obvious if I tried with what’s been on my mind lately, and I feel like it is something that may be on others’ in relationships as well.

This is one of my guiltiest thoughts because I am insanely in love with my fiance, but there is always that inkling of ‘why give up my freedom’, or ‘is this right for me’, that I can’t get rid of. Or, most bothersome to me lately, ‘why should I have to give up my last name’.

This isn’t me in any way speaking negatively about my relationship, this is me speaking openly about my thoughts on relationships in general.

Mental Health Monday, Meet FOMO, relationship style.

Oh, and a quote from the article that applies to life in general, especially mine, needs to be highlighted before we start: “#6 Social media vs. reality. Social media has magnified the reality of just how much our society seeks approval and attention. But social media is not reality. We constantly seek approval, which we base upon however many likes, comments, and followers we get.”

The grass is always greener on the other side, or so we think. Just because we think something, doesn’t make it true. You may think you’re missing out on something because you’re in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean that you actually are.

7 Useful Ways to Battle FOMO while in a Relationship


Throwback: Hector

A throwback to an idea on Hector thought up 7 months ago or so.

Enjoy, and happy Throwback Thursday!

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A papercut would be worse, but still, the pain she felt from the tiny prick in her finger wouldn’t go away as she hurried down the hall to find where the noise was coming from. S

he stuck the pulsing red tip of flesh into her mouth to stop the bleeding as she peered into her son’s room, noticing nothing out of the ordinary but still hearing that thumping from somewhere in the house. She saw a drop of blood drip down onto her nightgown as she cursed the thing that bit her in the first place, some hell-bound insect she found on her bedside table whose outline was flashing through her mind faster than the thumps from below.

Below? Of course, the basement.

Every time she went through the hallway in the back of her house, leading from the bright bleached laundry room to the rickety wooden staircase going down to the furnace, she got the chills like a child, something that always annoyed her adult mind.


This time she could not deny the location of the noise, nor could she deny the speed of her heartbeat as she decided whether or not to wake her son and leave the house or find and fight the source of the problem on her own.

Fight? Why would she have to fight? She laughed to herself as she pictured her house as the scene of a horror movie, slowly reacheing for the knob to the basement, and told herself that she would be dead in an instant in a typical slasher film.

As she turned the knob she felt the warm blood from her fingertip hit the cold brass in a very disturbing way, and she remembered once again the insect from her bedside table.


The noise had shifted locations, seemingly coming from her bedroom now.

She hurried away from the almost completely turned doorknob and started into a sort of frenzied awkward run, holding up her long nightgown on her way, hoping to catch the culprit noise in the act.

The layout of her house was cursed under her breath along the way, making her think her late husband was right, maybe an expansion up instead of out was the way to go when they remodeled this old Antebellum style home. She rushed quickly beyond the bleach bright laundry, past the distracting brownie smell of the small red kitchen, through the toy-cluttered living room (was that a lego or some hellish bear trap she just stepped on?), and into the seemingly endless darkened hallway.

One still slowly bleeding fingertip, one lego imprinted heel, and one extremely weary walk down the hallway later, she found herself peering into her own room sheepishly, holding out her arms in defense as she searched for the light switch.

Her arms bumped impolitely into a smaller, quicker, much more high pitched figure than herself as she panicked and ran to the bedside lamp in an effort to shed light on the situation.

Her son, Hector, cried out once more, out of fear or anguish due to her almost impaling his eye socket with her extended hand she wasn’t sure, and she rushed over to him, relieved, that there was, in fact, no other person, or insect, left in her room.

“Why are you out of bed? Do you have any idea what time it is?” He stopped his sleep laden tired crying and looked up at her. For the first time since putting him to bed, she saw his face, his normally so-cute-you-could-pinch-his-rosy-little-cheeks-off face was pale, with three small bites staining tiny drops of the most vivid red blood she thought she had ever seen down his cheek like microscopic tears.

Before she could ask any questions she felt the annoying prick in her finger and watched as her son suddenly climbed into her unnecessarily large California King bed and cuddled into the oversized comforter, asleep within seconds. She wondered what time it actually was, as she herself climbed into bed with a spit wet Kleenex to wipe away the splatters of blood from her snoring sons face.

Sleep drifted into the room heavily, almost immediately knocking her unconscious, but not before hearing one last THUMP from where she thought was her son’s room.


Wanderlust Everyday: Part 3

I simply can’t stress enough how much embracing wanderlust every day is beneficial for travelers and curious souls alike.

Today’s Wanderlust Everyday post is all about making the most of a trip, even if it isn’t the most positive reason to travel. By that I mean say for instance you had to travel across the country to attend a funeral (cough cough, this post) and you weren’t too happy, to begin with about the journey. I believe that you can turn any sort of trip like this into a positive one along the way, just be sure to stop, breathe, and see the sights every now and then.

These photos are from a trip I took two summers ago with my now fiance, his grandfather passing while hiking Mt Hood. We drove from Missouri to Twin Falls Idaho, stopping in Colorado and Wyoming along the way.

The next month will be dedicated to my 2016 travels on Wanderlust Wednesdays, with plenty of photos to help you travel right along with me.

Profreshionally Simple 

Note* These photos are from the beginning of my love affair with photography, so the quality isn’t quite up to par.

Part 3 – Idaho and Wyoming 11125979_849914898430523_7495973529653713651_o11071746_849891575099522_461349670123573628_n


Danielle Breshears Profreshionally Simple
Danielle Breshears