Mental Health Monday: Positivity Part 2

How about some positivity for this week’s Mental Health Monday post!

Tell me, what is your number one reason to wake up each day?

(That’s meant to sound positive, not like ‘man, what do I have to even get out of bed for today?’, and more like ‘man, I’m so glad I get to get out of bed to _____ today!’


Burning Bridges that Still Burn

I know I just posted, but it feels nice to get these thoughts out.

Feeling the fear of losing a past lover, of burning a bridge that still burns within you, is a seriously unwelcome, yet familiar, feeling.

Those in committed relationships, in marriages and in worlds of forever, should not feel this way.

Yet still today visions of our skin pressed together, of your laugh, of your hands, sends shivers down my spine and through my soul.

And it’s not just you. It’s the other half of my previous heart. It’s the boy who loved me more than I loved him, that my mind wanders to. It was an impulse never acted on, and now, years later, alone, it feels real to me. It feels like the time he first put his hands down my pants. It feels like the first time I saw him cry and held him. It feels like forever.

Yet neither of these memories are forever. My forever is at home, waiting for me. And I am more in love with him than any of the past impulses, but why is it so hard to let go of them?



I’m a Creep. Yeah I’m a Weirdo.

What the hell am I doing here?

My current state of mind seems like uncharted territory, and I feel odd and out of place.

I am creeping my way around my thoughts, which are out of the blue and unnecessarily off base.

I am not eating regularly (which is regularly a lot), and I am not feeling secure in my home or relationship.

I am concerned I am falling out of love and in love again, with memories and past lovers and my current love.

What the hell am I doing here?
I don’t belong here.

50 People.

I am having an extremely hard time trying to dive into work today.

50 people.

50 unsuspecting, innocent, unprepared people.

There is something about this number, this shooting, this time, that makes me incredibly queasy.

I wish I had more insightful things to say on the subject, but I don’t. It is unbelievably sad, and regardless of what you feel toward America and our government right now, this is the time for unity.

Today, I am going to #standwithVegas


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