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Health > Happiness

Let me balance out my previous professional post with an extremely unprofessional post, because I am a very cyclical person.

Today marks day 3 of no cigarettes. No, I am not searching for congratulations, I am searching for tips.


Writing, coffee, sex, wine…these are a few of my favorite things. You know what else they are? The best pairs to a cigarette.

Lord help me.

Health > Happiness, right?

Missouri Life

Curious about what Missouri has to offer?

Curious about the magazine that earned the Magazine of the Year award for the International Regional Magazine Association?

Curious about some more ‘professional’ writing of mine, outside of my mental posts, fiction, and photography?

Well, you’re in luck!

Here are my latest Missouri Life Magazine features, From Groceries to Gossip and Our Tour of Beer, Bourbon, Blues, and BBQ, as well as a link to the magazine itself (subscribe!!) and a link to my other articles within the magazine.

Mental Health Monday: A Poem a Day

As I put the visor down this morning to block the abnormally bright sun obstructing my vision on the long trek to work I heard something insightful on my normal AM talk radio show….’a study of the happiest people shows a recurring habit of listening to one new music genre or reading one new poem daily’.

Outside of basic mental wellness on an anxiety and depression level, I think that creativity and broadening one’s horizons is also a highly important aspect of mental health.

For today’s Mental Health Monday post I’m going to share the ‘poem of the day’ from Poems.com, the selection actually very good, for someone who personally isn’t too terribly into poetry overall.

Andrew Jamison – The Reading

Here’s my favorite line…

Reading when you’re not reading: reading the sky
on a Sunday at half-seven in August
when someone you love is making you dinner
and you’re late.’ –ANDREW JAMISON

-D.R Breshears

Wanderlust Wednesday: Revival

In the past, my Wanderlust Wednesday posts have been used to feature a location, trip, or travel idea I have come across. While that is still my goal with these insightful posts, today I am straying away from the norm a bit and talking about my overwhelmingly exciting and comforting choice in my next career goal: freelance writer for Travel + Leisure.

After only 2 years at my current student travel agency, I have realized that honestly, why switch paths if I have gotten lucky enough to do what I love: travel and write. I’m staying on this train as long as I can, and this next job is the perfect way to do so.

Well, that’s all fine and dandy, right, but how about some actual interesting travel-related content to share? In honor of my new career goal, here’s a very insightful Travel + Leisure article on Halloween Themed Travel (my two favorite things, spooky stuff and travel!).

This Urban Legend About a Haunted Hiking Trail Will Give You Chills – Bailey Bennett

October 17, 2017
Watch Video Below!


PS. I titled this post Revival because I am just getting back into the swing of things with daily blogging here on throughdanielleseyes, and it feels great! If you follow my Mental Health Monday series you may already know that I have been taking a few anti-anxiety/depression meds, which for a few months seemed to suck my creativity out. I don’t know if I have gotten used to them, if this is a manic cycle, or if I’m just balancing out, but the past two weeks the ideas have been flowing! Cheers to that!

Mental Health Monday: Positivity Part 2

How about some positivity for this week’s Mental Health Monday post!

Tell me, what is your number one reason to wake up each day?

(That’s meant to sound positive, not like ‘man, what do I have to even get out of bed for today?’, and more like ‘man, I’m so glad I get to get out of bed to _____ today!’

Burning Bridges that Still Burn

I know I just posted, but it feels nice to get these thoughts out.

Feeling the fear of losing a past lover, of burning a bridge that still burns within you, is a seriously unwelcome, yet familiar, feeling.

Those in committed relationships, in marriages and in worlds of forever, should not feel this way.

Yet still today visions of our skin pressed together, of your laugh, of your hands, sends shivers down my spine and through my soul.

And it’s not just you. It’s the other half of my previous heart. It’s the boy who loved me more than I loved him, that my mind wanders to. It was an impulse never acted on, and now, years later, alone, it feels real to me. It feels like the time he first put his hands down my pants. It feels like the first time I saw him cry and held him. It feels like forever.

Yet neither of these memories are forever. My forever is at home, waiting for me. And I am more in love with him than any of the past impulses, but why is it so hard to let go of them?